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About KCTL

The goal of is for teens to connect with real professionals in the careers they want to accomplish. By teens asking questions to real professionals and other teenagers about their careers, this will establish a growing community; a link to each person’s life to make every teen feel important and to lead him/her on a guided direction of where to go with their desired path. Teenagers will also be able to ask their personal questions and to receive help about serious matters. Those questions will only be answered by experts, such as, doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. Another goal of KCTL is to bring together organizations that are aiming to reach teenagers, and connect with them with our site.



How KCTL began? was created with an idea by students: Curtis Smart, a student of University Arkansas -Pine Bluff and Kaleb Berry, a student of Baker University.


Curtis Smart, a senior leader of 20/20 Leadership, became concerned after juniors and seniors attending F.L. Schlagle high school, voiced frustration and concern about the lack of resources and knowledge about services available to answer questions, offer guidance, and to meet the needs of teenagers. He asked Kaleb Berry, who had the technological skills to develop the website for this idea. Together, they planned and worked and on On March 22nd, 2011, became a published website.


How to get started on KCTL?

To get started on kcteenlink, you first need to register on the website. To do this click Login/Register, after you follow the registration process, you will be allowed to access any of the content on
Once you have completed registration you can now began to explore But what should you be looking for? If you are looking for guidance about choosing a certain career that you may want to learn about, as well talk to a professional in that field, then go to the Ask an Expert tab.  There you will find questions and answers for several different areas, including Real Talk, where our site founders will answer questions related to today's teens.